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David and Xubi Have a brief interview with Sen. Michael Padilla, who is running for Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico.


The Bulk of the show is a discussion of EARTH USA 2017; The 9th International Earthbuilding Conference being held at the Scottish Rite Center in Santa Fe September 29-October 1st

More information about bthe conference can be found at:

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Invited guests were from Red Nation, but could not make the show. What followed was a discussion about the events on the plaza around the Entrada, the protestors, especially Red Nation, and the arrest of Jennifer Marley.

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Xubi and David interview Representative Ted Lieu of California's 33 Congressional District who has introduced a bill which would prohibit the President from using the Armed Forces to conduct a first-use nuclear strike unless such strike is conducted pursuant to a congressional declaration of war expressly authorizing such strike.

"First-use nuclear strike" means a nuclear weapons attack against an enemy that is conducted without the President determining that the enemy has first launched a nuclear strike against the United States or a U.S. ally.

Jay Coghlin  from Nuke Watch New Mexico Joined us for the interview and a wrap up conversation about the US nuclear arsenal.

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David and Xubi interview Katie Singer author of an "Electronic Silent Spring."
They discuss the move from 4G to 5G wireless broadband networks and an impending vote on the Santa Fe City Council on Wednesday August 30th that would pave the way for widespread installation of 4G antennae's with no further permitting or public input.
Some municipalities are receiving ongoing payments for installation of these antennas on the public right of way, but Santa Fe is not . . .Maybe this deserves a little more thought and public input.

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