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George Weston shares his vision and goals for KSFR

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Kathy Sanchez, Corrine Sanchez, Biatta Peñ soccd Amos, John Michael & Desiree discuss the upcoming 17th annual Gathering for Mother Earth put on by Tewa Women United at the Pojoaque Pueblo.  Also Students for Peace talk about their weekly demonstration Thursdays at 4:00pm at the Santa Fe Community College Free Speech Area.

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Eric Highfield who teaches for the Bioponics program at SFCC discusses Aquaponics, solar greenhouses, and controlled environment agriculture; and Talapia.

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Protest music and South African Revolutionary music

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Two water harvesting experts talk about an upcoming SF workshop, and how cities can harvest millions of gallons of “runoff” water.

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Water, water policy and the Guv.  Native spirit vs. religion with an intro from John Trudell and wrapping it up with the spirituality of water.

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Edge: Where something begins or ends; Where two substances meet; Keenness , Sharpness, Urgency; A slight advantage To move gradually; Where every interaction happens; Where you should be every Thursday at 6:30 PM

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David and Xubi welcome Bud Ryan, Pax Christi, and Jay Coglin.  Jay is the executive director of Nuke Watch – local activist on the economics of nuclear weaponry and jobs.

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Dianne Strauss, Anne Murray, and Ross Lockridge discuss the movement to create a National Monument out of the La Bajada Mesa.  

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Then, Eric Schultz discusses his recent trip to a conference to commemorate the 1972 Redwater Pond Road Community Uranium Tailing Spill Commemoration 

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