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Xubi and David speak with Mark Sardella about ecological issues in Santa Fe and around the world.

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Nate Downey and Candace Apodaca join David and Xubi today to talk about the upcoming March Against Monsanto in Santa Fe, NM

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David Jacke – author of “The Edible Forrest Garden” – discusses the principles, advantages, and challenges involved in this style of gardening.  David will be in santa Fe for the Carbon Economy Series on May 30, June 1, and June 2.

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Xubi and David welcome Roger Taylor back to talk about water acquisition and usage in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Xubi and David speak with Roger Taylor of the Santa Fe Basin Water Association about how Santa Fe County acquires it’s water.

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Xubi and David discuss a wide variety of current events, including the Solar Fiesta on April 27 and 28 at the Santa Fe Community College.

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James Titus of SFCC’s Environmental Club and Gary Vaughn, president of New Mexico Solar Energy Association, fill us in Earth Week events at the Santa Fe Community College and the Solar Fiesta, April 26-28

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Laurie Bower and Iginia Boccalandro talk about grass fed meat and the Carbon Economy series.

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Xubi and David interview several people about the Eldorado Chicken controversy.

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Steve Harris is a river outfitter and a river conservation activist. He is putting on a three day water event at Ghost Ranch from April 5th through 7th. Xubi & David talk to Steve about his river projects and the weekend event.

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