Living on the Edge

Recent actions by New Mexico State Police officers draw into question some officer’s commitment to our safety.  Do we need to revisit law enforcement training?

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City Councilor Patti Bushee and Jay Caglin of Nuke Watch New Mexico join David and Xubi to discuss the Santa Fe City Council’s unanimous resolution to demand full clean-up of Los Alamos Area G mixed hazardous waste dump and other issues involving nuclear waste clean-up at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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Allen is a candidate for the Democratic Nomination for Governor [of New Mexico].  The show is a wide ranging discussion with Allen.

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Bavid Blume, author of the ground breaking book, “Alcohol Can Be Gas,” a pivotal treatise on sustainable ethanol fuel production and leading permaculturalist banters with Xubi and David about his latest enterprise.

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Bea Boccalandro talks about how to upgrade your workplace experience through community involvement.

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Bruce Frederick, Staff Attorney with the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, discusses NMELC’s suit against NMED for allowing Freeport McMoRan Copper Mining Corporation to rewrite the State’s water quality laws.

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Marc Choyt, owner of Reflective Images in Santa Fe and Greg Valerio, author of “Making Trouble: Fighting for Fair Trade Jewellery,” have worked for years to insure that gold, diamonds, and other gems and metals of the jewelry trade are fair trade items.  Roger Taylor discusses the proposed gold mine in South Santa Fe County.

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Jay Coghlan from Nuke Watch New Mexico talks about the Nuclear Defense Industry.

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Talia Boyd from CVNM talks about the Roca Hondo uranium mine in the Mount Taylor area.

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Neema Nama damu from Congo talks about her vision for a new Congo, the role of women in this vision, and how she is working to implement this vision.

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Matt talks about the upcoming Fire Starting Workshop, part of the Carbon Economy Series

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Elena Higgins from Indigie Femme talk about their upcoming gig at Tewa Women United’s upcoming Gathering for Mother Earth.  Iginia Boccalandro discusses the Carbon Economy Series: clean, easy, simple.

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Jan Deligans promotes Hensforth’s Fuster Cluck to raise money for the Eldorado Nine chicken legal defense fund.

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George Weston shares his vision and goals for KSFR

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Kathy Sanchez, Corrine Sanchez, Biatta Peñ soccd Amos, John Michael & Desiree discuss the upcoming 17th annual Gathering for Mother Earth put on by Tewa Women United at the Pojoaque Pueblo.  Also Students for Peace talk about their weekly demonstration Thursdays at 4:00pm at the Santa Fe Community College Free Speech Area.

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Eric Highfield who teaches for the Bioponics program at SFCC discusses Aquaponics, solar greenhouses, and controlled environment agriculture; and Talapia.

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Protest music and South African Revolutionary music

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Two water harvesting experts talk about an upcoming SF workshop, and how cities can harvest millions of gallons of “runoff” water.

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Water, water policy and the Guv.  Native spirit vs. religion with an intro from John Trudell and wrapping it up with the spirituality of water.

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Edge: Where something begins or ends; Where two substances meet; Keenness , Sharpness, Urgency; A slight advantage To move gradually; Where every interaction happens; Where you should be every Thursday at 6:30 PM

On KSFR 101.1 FM or

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David and Xubi welcome Bud Ryan, Pax Christi, and Jay Coglin.  Jay is the executive director of Nuke Watch – local activist on the economics of nuclear weaponry and jobs.

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Dianne Strauss, Anne Murray, and Ross Lockridge discuss the movement to create a National Monument out of the La Bajada Mesa.  

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Then, Eric Schultz discusses his recent trip to a conference to commemorate the 1972 Redwater Pond Road Community Uranium Tailing Spill Commemoration 

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David and Xubi discuss Water & Power with Guest Mark Sardella

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David and Xubi discuss State and County watershed restoration plans with Guests with Michael Arne and Carl Trujillo

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David and Xubi talk about Living on the Edge moving to Thursday afternoons at 4pm for a one hour show every week, starting on July 11.

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Ann Black, Carla Rachkowski, Patricia Boyle, and Gerald Boyle talk about the Accelerate Program, benefits and advantages, spirulina growing in Santa Fe, and math camp

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Former director of the alternatives fuels program at the Santa Fe Community College Charles Bensinger talks with Xubi about his departure from the college, sustainable energy, and what’s next for him.

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The first (pilot) project of our monthly installments on water.  Join us each month as Living on the Edge dives into the critical issues concerning water in the Southwest.  Today’s guests are Tessie Naranjo, Rina Swertzell, Estevan Arrellano, and Jack Loeffler.

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Xubi and David speak with Mark Sardella about ecological issues in Santa Fe and around the world.

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Nate Downey and Candace Apodaca join David and Xubi today to talk about the upcoming March Against Monsanto in Santa Fe, NM

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David Jacke – author of “The Edible Forrest Garden” – discusses the principles, advantages, and challenges involved in this style of gardening.  David will be in santa Fe for the Carbon Economy Series on May 30, June 1, and June 2.

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Xubi and David welcome Roger Taylor back to talk about water acquisition and usage in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Xubi and David speak with Roger Taylor of the Santa Fe Basin Water Association about how Santa Fe County acquires it’s water.

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Xubi and David discuss a wide variety of current events, including the Solar Fiesta on April 27 and 28 at the Santa Fe Community College.

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James Titus of SFCC’s Environmental Club and Gary Vaughn, president of New Mexico Solar Energy Association, fill us in Earth Week events at the Santa Fe Community College and the Solar Fiesta, April 26-28

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Laurie Bower and Iginia Boccalandro talk about grass fed meat and the Carbon Economy series.

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Xubi and David interview several people about the Eldorado Chicken controversy.

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Steve Harris is a river outfitter and a river conservation activist. He is putting on a three day water event at Ghost Ranch from April 5th through 7th. Xubi & David talk to Steve about his river projects and the weekend event.

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Xubi & David Unchained. Xubi and David go sans guests and talk about current events and their current concerns about the direction of our community, the economy and public policy in the USA.

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Iginia Bocalandro, the developer and coordinator of the Carbon Economy Series at the Santa Fe Community College discusses the Permaculture Boot Camp Scheduled for March 15th (Friday) from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM and March 16th & 17th from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM in the SFCC Jemez rooms.

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The Santa Fe Community College’s EPA Environmental Workforce Job Training program has recently graduated it’s second group of students.  Xubi talks about the program with student Sharon Reid and faculty members Ann Black and Janet Curly

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Xubi and David interviewed Kay Matthews, founder, along with current contributors David Correia and Eric Schultz from La Jicarita news on their first anniversary of being an online publication, as well as getting their story which goes back over 15 years to a key decision to become a community based environmental group, especially in the north, and where that decision has led up to the present time. It was a fascinating discussion of water, local sovereignty, acequias, culture, and the beautiful and complex Northern part of New Mexico. They are online at

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Xubi and David banter about the drought, the legislature, the Carbon Economy Series and the IAIA.

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Dr. Gary Liss is a zero waste consultant with Gary Liss and Associates. He is giving a workshop at SFCC Feb. 21st and 22nd as a part of the Carbon Economy Series.

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