Living on the Edge

David and Xubi talk about Living on the Edge moving to Thursday afternoons at 4pm for a one hour show every week, starting on July 11.

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Ann Black, Carla Rachkowski, Patricia Boyle, and Gerald Boyle talk about the Accelerate Program, benefits and advantages, spirulina growing in Santa Fe, and math camp

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Former director of the alternatives fuels program at the Santa Fe Community College Charles Bensinger talks with Xubi about his departure from the college, sustainable energy, and what’s next for him.

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The first (pilot) project of our monthly installments on water.  Join us each month as Living on the Edge dives into the critical issues concerning water in the Southwest.  Today’s guests are Tessie Naranjo, Rina Swertzell, Estevan Arrellano, and Jack Loeffler.

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