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Raven Alcott, Emily Phan, Cassandra Huneau, and Sophia Jenkins-Nieto form Leaders for Environmental Action and Foresight (LEAF) to discuss their organizing efforts to get the UNM endowment to divest its funds from the Fossil Fuel Industry. LEAF recently asked NM Attorney General, Hector Balderas to review whether investing in Fossil Fuel stocks represented a violation of their public benefit mission. This tactic has been successful in getting Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. to divest funds from drivers of climate change.
People can support LEAF by contacting them at:
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Xubi and occasional co-host Orlando Furioso have a very free ranging discussion about politics in a very general sense. If politics is the art of the possible, why are we feeling so limited in our possibilities?  Who is defining the possibilities in this age of unlimited money in politics and media?

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Xubi and Janet discuss movie set safety and how Alec Baldwin came to shoot Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and Director Joel Sauza on the RUST set. A tragedy that could easily have been avoided

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Guests Lina Germann, Ph.D, Founder and CEO of STEM Santa Fe, and Natasha Farmer, Adjunct Faculty at Santa Fe Community College, discuss the 9th Annual STEM Pathways for Girls Conference on October 29th and 30th at Santa Fe Community College.



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Xubi and Paul chat with former guests and co-hosts about community events and why to support KSFR during their Fall Fund Drive.

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Guest Janet Kerley, Program Director for the Santa Fe Community College Environmental Health and Safety Contract Training and EPA Brownfields Job Training Program.

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Xubi interviews Chistine Chavez from the City of Santa Fe Water Conservation Division, Glenn Schiffbauer from The Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce and Amanda Hatherly from Santa Fe Community College's Energy Smart Academy about a local commercial water auditing program. This private-public partnership is saving businesses money through water savings as well as promotions of their water saving efforts.

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Guest Gavin Laur as a new feature of philosophical discussions with our introductory installation:

What is truth and why does it matter?
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Xubi interviews Riversource Director Richar Schraeder along with watershed interns Raylynn Herrera and Jose Ramirez about a wonderful opportunity for young people to help the environment while developing life skills.

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Joni Arends from Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety and Don Hancock from Southwest Research and Information Center join Xubi to discuss proposed new construction at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Carlsbad New Mexico and a virtual public hearing on the subject which starts Monday May 17th at noon .

More information about the issue as well as links to submit testimony or attend the virtual hearing can be found at:
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Xubi talks to David Correia and Tyler Wall, authors of "Police: A Field Guide" getting their perspectives on the recent Chauvin verdict and the state of rethinking the role of policing in our communities.

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Xubi & Janet discuss STEM Santa Fe with Lina Germann and several of the young womyn who have had experiences with her many STEM workshops and conferences (in this case designed for young girls alone, with accomplished womyn involved in STEM fields.

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Joel and Xubi discuss Cannabis legalization, the origins of Easter and April Fools days, proposals for infrastructure investment and the looming deficit.

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Xubi Wilson and Cris Moore talk to Shalanda Baker, the Biden Administrationā€™s Deputy Director for Energy Justice.

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Newly minted LOE co-host Jay Coghlan from NukeWatch New Mexico, and Santa Fe County Commissioner Anna Hansen join Xubi to discuss the environmental issues posed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory's decades of environmental disregard for the sacred land of the San Ildefonso Pueblo and the watersheds down hill in the Rio Grande valley.

Commissioner Hansen also serves as the chair of The Buckman Direct Diversion Board which safeguards the water source for much of Santa Fe County and the City of Santa Fe Water Utility.

Recently the State Environment Department has sued the National Laboratory for  a ""continuing pattern of delay and noncomplianceā€ with the cleanup of hazardous legacy waste at Los Alamos National Laboratory, posing a health risk to people in surrounding communities.

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Cris Moore, Resident Faculty at the Santa Fe Institute Co-hosts with Melanie Moses Professor of Computer Science at UNM and External Faculty at Santa Fe Institute.

The show focuses on how the inequities in our healthcare system and society at large were exposed by COVID-19 and opportunities for addressing these inequalities in the vaccine delivery process. 
The show concludes with Dr. Moses discussing her work with swarm robotics which she is testing in New Mexico to measure CO2 and other gasses released by volcanoes which could serve to predict eruptions earlier. This technology also shows promise for tracking methane emissions in Gas and oil fields as well.
Professors Moore and Moses will be a part of a facilitated discussion of the movie "Coded Bias" at the virtual CCA Tuesday March 9th  at 6:00 PM MST
Dr. Moseses article in Nautilus on the COVID-19 inequality can be found here:
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Xubi is joined by Jay Coghlan from Nukewatch New Mexico and Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear to discuss the recent developments in Nuclear Weapons proliferation and the new international ban on nuclear weapons. 
We also cover reasons why nuclear power may not be the low carbon panacea for transitioning our electric grid that is so widely promoted these days
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Janet Kerly and Xubi Wilson welcome Kris Swedin and Paloma Trujillo-Anaya to talk about a free online training program sponsored by Santa Fe County teaching online workforce skills for the new economy.

Our conversation continues with a conversation about partisanship, civil discourse and the prospects for the Republcan Party going forward.
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