Living on the Edge
Raven Alcott, Emily Phan, Cassandra Huneau, and Sophia Jenkins-Nieto form Leaders for Environmental Action and Foresight (LEAF) to discuss their organizing efforts to get the UNM endowment to divest its funds from the Fossil Fuel Industry. LEAF recently asked NM Attorney General, Hector Balderas to review whether investing in Fossil Fuel stocks represented a violation of their public benefit mission. This tactic has been successful in getting Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. to divest funds from drivers of climate change.
People can support LEAF by contacting them at:
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Xubi and occasional co-host Orlando Furioso have a very free ranging discussion about politics in a very general sense. If politics is the art of the possible, why are we feeling so limited in our possibilities?  Who is defining the possibilities in this age of unlimited money in politics and media?

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