Living on the Edge
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Xubi discusses the services offered by 

Growing up New Mexico
with Resolve Executive Director/Instructor Alena Schaim,  and Andrea Dobbins of the Santa Fe Realtors Association. 
The Realtor's Association is holding a golf tournament on Friday September 3 to raise money for these two spectacular local non profit organizations
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Charlie and Xubi discuss initiatives for Water, energy and food sovereignty with Itzik Becher, Executive Director for Major Gifts in the Desert States and Southwest for the Jewish National Fund. JNF, Arava institute, the University of Arizona and Santa Fe Community College are developing collaborative projects to expand food production opportunities while saving water.

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Xubi and Jay discuss Nuclear weapons and an upcoming Mass and interfaith discussion on the practicality and morality of Nuclear weapons.

Livestream on August 9, 2022

5:15pm Mass and healing ceremony

6:15pm Dialogue

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Xubi and Paul discuss integrative medicine with Dr. Karina Klimtchuk

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Xubi discusses mobile dental services with Shelly Hilliard, owner of "Smiles for Miles".
The second half of the show is a discussion of the conflict between Frank Zappa and Lou Reed with Todd Waltmann
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This week Xubi brings on Joel nicholas to talk with him about Roe v. Wade overrulling and gun laws in New York.

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On this episode of Living on the Edge Xubi brings on Paul to talk about Juneteenth, African-American history in New Mexico, the January 6th committee, the over turning of Roe v. Wade, and more.

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On this episode Xubi talks about the January 6th committee.

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Today Xubi brings on Joel Nicholas to talk about the fires happening in New Mexico.

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On this episonde Xubi brings on Janet Curly and Miranda Viscoli to talk about gun issues in America. 

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Xubi is joined by Linda Gunter from Beyond Nuclear to get an update on the status of Ukraine's Nuclear power plants as the war threatening to unleash their radiation continues.

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Hosts Xubi and Janet are joined by fellow radio hosts David Barsamian and Bob Kafka to discuss their experiences in public radio. Then, Abie Torres shares agricultural wisdom.
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Show host Xubi and Jay Coghlan of Nukewatch New Mexico are joined by Most Reverend John C. Wester, Archbishop of Santa Fe, to discuss the morality of nuclear weapons and the situation in Ukraine. The Archbishop has recently published two important pastoral letters on these subjects; read them below.

"Living in the Light of Christ's Peace: A Conversation Toward Nuclear Disarmament"

"Nuclear Weapons Must Be Eliminated, Not Reinforced"

Nuclear Watch New Mexico's popular website:

Plutonium production fact sheet:

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Joel and Xubi discuss the developing situation in Ukraine and some of the developing geopolitics. The show begins with Xubi reading a dialog between a 19 year old Ukrainian woman and Roger Waters discussing his history as a peace activist in the context of the war in Ukraine.

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Joel and Xubi discuss the Ukrainian invasion in the context of nuclear weapons and strategic resource acquisition with Jay Coghlan from Nukewatch.

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Xubi, Janet, and Joel are joined by Veterans for Peace Santa Fe Co-founder Ken Mayers for our continuing conversation about the situation turned invasion in Ukraine. Ken offers us a peace activist take on the situation that is somewhat more nuanced and historically accurate than most of what you will hear in the mainstream media.

View Veterans For Peace’s Nuclear Posture Review

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Xubi discusses the dangers of the existence of nuclear power plants within the Ukrainian war zone with Linda Gunter from Beyond Nuclear. This is the first time that a war has broken out in an area with nuclear power plants. Linda Gunter lays out 6 scenarios in which nuclear radiation could be spread thousands of miles from either direct damage to a nuclear plant or the loss of critical infrastructure necessary to keep them operating safely.
Find out more at:
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A freeform conversation on current events with Xubi and Janet.  Topics include:

Is New Mexico doing enough to combat Climate Change;  a followup on Joel's discussion with Xubi on some of the underlying issues behind political and military tensions in the Ukraine; the meanings and implications of the Remington-Sandy Hook settlement; and more . . .

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Joel and Xubi have a free discussion of some of the nuances of the situation in the Ukraine that are not being discussed on the mainstream news.

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Fred and Xubi discuss Think New Mexico's role in policy development and opportunities for citizen advocates to join in tangible support for important bills in the 2022 legislative session.

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Xubi is joined by Adelante Democrats' Political Director Athena Christodoulou and Senator Sedillo-Lopez to talk about the upcoming legislative session and the Green Amendment to the New Mexico Constitution.


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