Living on the Edge

Matt talks about the upcoming Fire Starting Workshop, part of the Carbon Economy Series

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Elena Higgins from Indigie Femme talk about their upcoming gig at Tewa Women United’s upcoming Gathering for Mother Earth.  Iginia Boccalandro discusses the Carbon Economy Series: clean, easy, simple.

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Jan Deligans promotes Hensforth’s Fuster Cluck to raise money for the Eldorado Nine chicken legal defense fund.

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George Weston shares his vision and goals for KSFR

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Kathy Sanchez, Corrine Sanchez, Biatta Peñ soccd Amos, John Michael & Desiree discuss the upcoming 17th annual Gathering for Mother Earth put on by Tewa Women United at the Pojoaque Pueblo.  Also Students for Peace talk about their weekly demonstration Thursdays at 4:00pm at the Santa Fe Community College Free Speech Area.

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Eric Highfield who teaches for the Bioponics program at SFCC discusses Aquaponics, solar greenhouses, and controlled environment agriculture; and Talapia.

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