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Xubi Wilson and Cris Moore talk to Shalanda Baker, the Biden Administrationā€™s Deputy Director for Energy Justice.

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Newly minted LOE co-host Jay Coghlan from NukeWatch New Mexico, and Santa Fe County Commissioner Anna Hansen join Xubi to discuss the environmental issues posed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory's decades of environmental disregard for the sacred land of the San Ildefonso Pueblo and the watersheds down hill in the Rio Grande valley.

Commissioner Hansen also serves as the chair of The Buckman Direct Diversion Board which safeguards the water source for much of Santa Fe County and the City of Santa Fe Water Utility.

Recently the State Environment Department has sued the National Laboratory for  a ""continuing pattern of delay and noncomplianceā€ with the cleanup of hazardous legacy waste at Los Alamos National Laboratory, posing a health risk to people in surrounding communities.

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Cris Moore, Resident Faculty at the Santa Fe Institute Co-hosts with Melanie Moses Professor of Computer Science at UNM and External Faculty at Santa Fe Institute.

The show focuses on how the inequities in our healthcare system and society at large were exposed by COVID-19 and opportunities for addressing these inequalities in the vaccine delivery process. 
The show concludes with Dr. Moses discussing her work with swarm robotics which she is testing in New Mexico to measure CO2 and other gasses released by volcanoes which could serve to predict eruptions earlier. This technology also shows promise for tracking methane emissions in Gas and oil fields as well.
Professors Moore and Moses will be a part of a facilitated discussion of the movie "Coded Bias" at the virtual CCA Tuesday March 9th  at 6:00 PM MST
Dr. Moseses article in Nautilus on the COVID-19 inequality can be found here:
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